Marketing Strategy

quote1Clients turn to Branch Communications for assistance with their business and marketing dreams. These dreams – the business vision – are the foundation of marketing strategy. Branch Communications works with clients to create a comprehensive marketing strategy designed to support the company’s vision and strategic goals.

By combining market analysis with the resources and goals of a client company, Branch develops marketing strategies and message delivery options tailored to help grow market share and, by extension, increase profits. Through a progression of the following strategy sessions, Branch helps clients realize their business vision:

Marketing Audit (click to expand)
All messaging materials should operate in harmony and reflect a consistent and effective brand. At the start of the engagement, Branch will conduct a marketing audit, reviewing marketing and communications efforts to-date. This audit typically includes a review of digital messaging (e-newsletters, website, social media, etc.) and print collateral (stationery, brochures, advertisements, etc.). In in the case of professional services firms, Branch will also conduct interviews with select professionals. Through the audit, Branch will uncover areas for improvement, helping identify effective strategies that can leveraged further, and, at the same time, establish an effective baseline for future marketing and communications endeavors.

Expertise Evaluation (click to expand)
For professional service firms, Branch will meet with firm select professionals and/or practice group leaders to gain a better understanding of the range of available expertise as well as expertise to be leveraged further. These interviews will also help establish, or further refine, the breadth of marketing and business development talents and potential that exists throughout the enterprise. With this understanding, Branch will then work with firm management to leverage these talents and build tactics into the marketing plan going forward that will make efficient and effective use of existing talents while identifying opportunities to grow budding potential.

Positioning Evaluation (click to expand)
Through the course of professionals’ expertise evaluation, Branch will also survey the firm’s attorneys to better understand the current position held by the firm in the market. In addition to the discussion of the firm’s areas of practice, Branch will survey the professionals regarding areas of potential growth, possible barriers, and current and potential competition. If the firm is interested in a more complete evaluation, Branch can also conduct brief and discreet interviews with select clients of the firm and/or referral sources to gain a more complete understanding of the firm’s position in the market.

Market Analysis & Plan Development (click to expand)
With a particular focus on the St. Louis market, Branch will conduct independent research in the industry segment. The information gathered, combined with the marketing audit and expertise evaluation, will assist with the identification of the current market served and the market gap – representing potential areas of growth. Working in concert with the firm, Branch will draft a marketing plan and assist with plan execution, as needed, throughout the year.

Ongoing Marketing Support (click to expand)
Through candid ongoing conversations, Branch and the firm together will determine the level of ongoing support needed going forward, based on the agreed upon marketing plan as well as in-house resources available.