Branch works with clients to create tailored communications plans which leverage business strengths and align with key target markets. Business communications take a variety of forms and the delivery of key messaging is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Branch identifies appropriate and effective delivery mechanisms each client can use to deliver critical messages to carefully identified target audiences with the goal of raising a business’s profile.

While Business communications can take a variety of forms, Branch Communications provides the following specific services to clients:

Message Formulation

With a client’s vision for their business in mind, Branch develops content for dissemination through a host of internal and external channels.

Media Evaluation 

From paper to digital media to social networking, content can be delivered through a variety of channels, yet businesses need to know where their customers and clients go for information. Branch works with businesses to uncover key information resources.

Content Delivery

The message is ready to go to market, and Branch can get it there, whether that is through press releases to relevant media or collateral development for direct marketing.

Follow-up & Evaluation

Did the messaging reach the target market? What was the result?  We evaluate the success of our communications endeavors and strive to constantly refine and improve the efficacy of everything we do.